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Occupational health and safety


THIELE strongly believes that occupational health and safety is a social responsibility and an essential corporate goal. The company's health and safety policy provides for protection against accidents and occupational illnesses. In this respect we are committed to complying with all relevant laws, regulations, requirements and standards. THIELE’s holistic approach, which considers technology, organisation and own behaviour as a sphere of action for health and safety concerns, clearly reflects the company's future-oriented stance.

THIELE regards occupational health and safety as a management task in that managers have a special responsibility for promoting and improving the health and safety of the entire workforce. However this does not release our employees from taking responsibility for their own person and for the members of their working team.

We are constantly seeking to improve our health and safety standards as part of a general commitment to our workforce. We hold regular training sessions and briefings that are designed to foster safety awareness among our employees. By taking preventive actions right from the planning phase - which includes enlisting the support of specialists and external authorities - many of the hazards can be identified and averted before they arise. Appropriate countermeasures can then be defined once a systematic assessment has been made of the relevant risks. Health and safety actions can in this way be integrated into the entire process and this also serves to minimize the risk of accidents and illnesses.

The executive board fully supports all employees and managers in the ongoing improvement and development of occupational health and safety standards in line with our corporate objectives and overall business strategy.