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Sprocket Rings / Assemblies

Sprocket Rings / Assemblies


In March 2015, THIELE widened their range of products by taking over Richard Hippenstiel GmbH, a manufacturer of drive systems and corresponding components. Richard Hippenstiel GmbH was founded 1911 as a foundry and since became a globally recognized leader in the world of underground longwall mining.


The complex designs used for the sprockets meet the requirements of DIN 22256 and are drawn-up in-house as well as complete sprocket assemblies with the help of the latest computer-aided 3D CAD systems. Load simulations based on the finite element method (FEM) make for optimum model dimensioning and allow a motion analysis to be undertaken of the overall system.


The factory is equipped with CNC machining units capable of producing sprockets of every type and design. THIELE also supplies complete AFC and BSL drives and return ends, scraper-conveyor mountings, shafts and pulley wheels for crushers, sprockets with replaceable modules (e.g. teeth segments) for apron feeders and bucket elevators.

Heat Treatment

THIELE uses only alloyed tempering steels with high tensile strength (up to 1100 MPa). The pocket areas are induction hardened after the CNC- machining. Thus, all areas which are in contact with the chain have a surface hardness between 56 and 60 HRC. Furthermore, depending on the nominal size, a hardess depth of up to 20 mm is achieved. The superior induction hardening and slower rate of wear allows maximum use of the tooth within its geometrical limits.

Operating experience and servicing

THIELE sprockets for mining conveyors are designed for chain sizes of 14 to 60 mm. The most popular sprocket types are now being used by clients all over the world. In response to customer requests THIELE is able to assess the rate of wear at the sprockets and can retrofit or replace the components under workshop conditions.