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• Chain gauge

Measuring chain length is a useful way to assess the condition of the chain and determine the optimum maintenance routine (chain management).

Basic kit Art.-No.
Shatterproof and waterproof plastic caseZ08606
Leather pouchZ08881
Gauge tool – sliding arm with scaleZ08879
Gauge tool – fixed armZ08880
Allen key 2 mmZ09041
Allen key 3 mmZ08915
Wrench 6 mmZ08916
Adapter Art.-No.
Pitch P = 64 mmZ08868
Pitch P = 86 mmZ08869
Pitch P = 92 mmZ08870
Pitch P = 108 mmZ08871
Pitch P = 126 mmZ08872
Pitch P = 126 mm Long. 8xpZ10310
Pitch P = 137 mmZ08873
Pitch P = 146 mmZ08874
Pitch P = 152 mm
144/160 mm
Pitch P = 189 mmZ10168
for Broadband 38 mmZ09385
for Broadband 42 mmZ09395
for Broadband 50 mmZ08876
for Broadband 56 mmZ10167
for Broadband 60 mmZ10663
for Power Chain 34 mmZ08878
for Power Chain 42 mmZ08866
for Power Chain 52 mmZ08867

• Pretensiometer

Correct chain pretension is essential not only to ensure troublefree conveying and a safe working environment but also to help prolong the service life of the chain and sprockets. THIELE can supply a full range of pretensiometers for chains of Ø 26 – 48 mm.

Chain pretensiometer Art.-No. Weight approx. kg
26 x 92Z0800850
30 x 108Z0894652
34 x 126Z0894754
38 x 126Z1042454
38 x 137Z0898455
42 x 137Z1042686
42 x 146Z0898587
48 x 144/160Z1042590
48 x 152Z0898690
Broadband 42x128/164Z1042393
Broadband 50x164/174Z1001898

• Chain saws

THIELE supplies pneumatic and hydraulic saws for use underground. These can be employed not only as chain saws but also for cutting other items such as pipes and roadway supports up to a diameter of 180 mm.

          » Air band saws (further information)  
          » Hydraulic band saws (further information)

Air band saws

Art. - No.Z10318/6003Z08352/6030Z09521/6032Z07823/6031
Cutting Capacity Ømm115107120180
Cutting Capacity □mm115x120107x120120x180180x180
Air consumptionm³/min0,550,900,901,20
Overall lengthmm550550630730
Height incl. Motormm240240240290
Air ConnectionR 1/4"iR 1/2"iR 1/2"iR 1/2"i
Hose IDmm7131313
Housing MaterialALUStainl. SteelStainl. SteelStainl. Steel
sound pressure leveldB(A)86,876,376,381,7
vibration valuem/s²<2,5<2,5<2,5<2,5
Performance data for operating pressure of 6 bar

Hydraulic band saws

Art. - No.Z10206/6043Z10228/6042Z08368/6041Z10229/6054
Cutting Capacity Ømm107120180180
Cutting Capacity □mm107x120120x180180x180180x240
Operating pressurebar140140140140
Oil flowl/min15-5015-5012-5012-50
Quick Couplingmm1/2" FF1/2" FF1/2" FF1/2" FF
Overall Lengthmm550630730838
Housing MaterialStainl. SteelStainl. SteelStainl. SteelStainl. Steel
Sound pressure leveldB(A)81,781,481,781,5
Vibration valuem/s²2,62,82,72,7