Chain Sprockets Chain Sprockets

The integration of Richard Hippenstiehl Maschinenbau into the THIELE business group has enabled THIELE to expand its range of products and broaden its existing expertise in drive and conveying technology. THIELE's fully modernised plant and equipment pool is now able to supply a wide range of components, including shafts, V-belt pulleys, one-piece and multi-piece chain sprockets and pocket wheels for drive and return systems.

The company has manufacturing facilities capable of producing components measuring 50 to 1.000 mm in diameter and 50 to 3.500 mm in length.

As the chain pocket is in multiple contact with each chain link partially inductive contour hardening is applied at the manufacturing stage in order to increase the wear-resistant properties of the pockets. Generally speaking: The greater the number of teeth or chain pockets, the more silent-running is the chain and consequently the lower the rate of wear and the less the degree of imbalance (polygon effect).

Identification: Each pocket wheel is marked with the manufacturer's symbol „THIELE“, the date of manufacture, the nominal size of the round steel chains and a traceability code. The latest FEM technology is used in the upstream design process in order to simulate the low-friction running behaviour generated between the round steel chains and the load-optimised pocket wheels. Pocket wheels for bulk-materials conveyors and lifting equipment are manufactured from high-alloy stainless steel and feature partial inductive hardening.

Thanks to the latest 3D-programs any chain wheel or system component can now be supplied tailor-made to the customer's requirements.

As well as producing sprockets for industrial uses we also manufacture special chain wheels for practically every application that uses drive systems of this kind. THIELE chain wheels can be machined from solid billet or produced as welded assemblies. The design and manufacturing process will essentially depend on what the individual customer has specified for the number of teeth, hub diameter and key/keyway drilling. This means that THIELE can supply any desired size of drive and return sprocket for every kind of lifting and conveying system.

No. of Pockets
Outher Diameter
Pitch Circle Diameter
18x50 8 275 256.9
20x60 8 325 308.2
22x66 8 360 339
26x78 7 375 351.5
28x84 8 454 431.5
39x90 7 440 405.8
32x96 8 520 493.4
36x108 8 588 533.6
40x120 8 650 615.5
45x135 8 738 693.3
Note: The dimensions are exemplary. Excecution upon specification.
Hub-diameter and depth upon request.

For inquiries, please provide following data:

  • specific application
  • chain size
  • chain specification
  • number of pockets
  • pitch diameter · hub diameter
  • hub depth · method of fixing the pocket wheel to the shaft, e.g. keyway and key