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Our production processes necessarily consume considerable quantities of materials and energy resources. At THIELE we therefore take our responsibilities very seriously when it comes to improving the environmental compatibility of our products, reducing the consumption of pollutants and at the same time cutting down on the consumption of natural resources in the manufacturing process. Our emergency action plans also ensure that we can react appropriately in the event of an accident.

Environmental protection not only helps conserve resources but is also of benefit for THIELE’s ongoing development. That is why we strive to achieve cost-effective, environmentally acceptable and socially compatible solutions for our products, right through from manufacture to final disposal. The continuous improvement of all our production processes combined with a reduction in environmental impact is firmly embodied in our corporate philosophy.

Steel processing at THIELE is an energy-intensive process and conserving energy resources (electricity, water, air and gas) not only impacts on the price of our products but also helps secure valuable resources for future generations. As part of our commitment to meeting these objectives we continuously monitor the way in which we use our energy-related systems and carry out ongoing assessments of their efficiency and energy saving potential.