THIELE celebrates the international Women's Day

Because every Woman is a #Powerwoman

Equality is our top priority!

On today's International Women's Day, we would especially like to celebrate our THIELE-women, who have asserted themselves in professional fields that were once considered a male domain.

Be it as an industrial mechanic, forklift driver, automation technician, machine operator or much more.

Despite increasing gender equality, women in "male-typical" professions still face various hurdles that are sometimes surprisingly obvious. 
In some companies, for example, there is a lack of sanitary facilities for women or workwear with a female fit. Also, some machines and tools are made for "men's sizes", so that they can not be operated by women, who are tended to be smaller. 

At THIELE, we do everything we can to ensure that all professional fields can be carried out by both men and women and do away with dusty gender clichés.

Our female employees prove that pigeonholing has no place with us: 

 "Of course, as a woman, you first have to earn a standing, but so does every man."

"In a male domain, you learn to formulate your own opinion clearly. Everyone should be able to do that, regardless of gender or profession."

"At THIELE, it doesn't matter if you're a woman or a man. If you do a good job, you will be appreciated for it." 

"If you want to do a certain job, don't let anything stop you."

"I was the first woman my master trained at that time. It was new to both of us, but I was never treated differently because I wasn't a man."


Thanks to every woman who helps to break old ways of thinking.
You are inspiring and role models for future generations.  

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